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What type of layout is best to settle on? Arrangement of the kitchen space has its own nuances. Therefore, in order to reduce your time searching for information from different sources, we will briefly talk about each type of planning and reveal some secrets in this article.

Remember that even a large kitchen can be spoiled by irrational planning. And in order for you to enjoy your home every day, we suggest you familiarize yourself with some important nuances that you need to know when arranging a spacious kitchen.

When arranging cabinets and equipment, it is important to take into account the rule of the work triangle, thanks to which the work process becomes convenient and comfortable, and most importantly, safe. Such a triangle consists of a stove, a refrigerator and a sink. They are the main stopping points during cooking, as it is between them that movement takes place.

Straight Modular Kitchen

This planning scheme is mainly used in small-sized, narrow kitchens and compact studio apartments. Furniture and household appliances are installed along one of the walls in such a way that the stove and refrigerator are located on opposite sides of the sink. The sink is installed in the center between the refrigerator and the stove. Among the minuses is that there is no space for additional equipment. And on the plus side - on the other side, you can place a dining area, which in this case will look cozy and compact.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

The corner layout of the kitchen in the form of the letter "L" is considered the most universal. It is suitable for almost any room. But it will be most profitable for square kitchens of medium and small size. It is with such planning that the work triangle rule works best. That is, it is most expedient to place the refrigerator first, the sink in the middle, and then the stove. Moreover, in a free corner there will always be a place to arrange a dining area there. We do not recommend using this planning option for a narrow kitchen.

U Shaped Modular Kitchen

A less common variant of kitchen planning is an arrangement in the shape of the letter "U". The headset is installed along three walls. Owners of spacious, medium-sized kitchens can afford such planning. A big plus is that there will be plenty of space for household appliances and other kitchen utensils. The kitchen set and appliances are grouped along three walls, each of which has one element of the work triangle.

Parallel Modular Kitchen

If the kitchen has a large area, you can also consider a two-line or parallel layout. In this case, the headset is installed along two opposite walls. The stove and sink are usually located along one wall, and the refrigerator and cabinets are along the other. If you use this type of layout for a small kitchen, it will be difficult to find a place for a dining table due to limited free space. Therefore, before deciding on the final look of the kitchen, you need to plan everything in detail on a piece of paper or visualize the picture using special programs.

In fact, no matter how big or small the area of ​​the kitchen in your apartment is, the comfort of the whole family will depend on correctly selected furniture and its placement. Even in a small room, you can create cozy conditions for cooking and eating.

The main thing is to make a detailed plan of the room, marking all the details on it: dimensions, door and window openings, water pipes, sewage, ventilation, sockets and switches. After that, develop a plan for the future kitchen. Today, this can be done with the help of special programs that allow you to easily visualize what you want to bring to life. If you have little experience in using a computer, we advise you to seek advice from professionals.


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