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5 Rules of Timeless Kitchen Design

Check out the rules below to help you learn how to design a timeless kitchen.

1. Neutral Tones or Classic Color Palettes

Using neutral colors in any style of space can create a more timeless feel. Stick to neutral colors such as white, taupe, gray, black, and black and white. Use bright or non-neutral colors as accents in wall paint, textilesand accessories.

2. Black Accents

From paint to tile,countertops, light fixtures and cabinet hardware, black accents can create a timeless feel in any kitchen style, whether modern, traditional, farmhouse or Scandi-style. Use black accents to define a neutral kitchen together or to balance a stark white space.

3. Mixed Styles and Periods

By mixing and balancing old and new elements, kitchen doesn't become a vintage time capsule or a trendy space that will be outdated next year. A timeless kitchen looks as if it has always been there, but it will always feel fresh and current.

4. Simple Cabinetry

Choose kitchen cabinets that never get old, like Shaker cabinets, a modern trend rooted in centuries of design history.Traditional styles of cabinetry, like contemporary flat-front or glass-front, create a timeless feel.

5. White and Wood Elements

White is versatile, and you can add character with accent colors, unique tiles, and bold fixtures. To keep a white kitchen from looking too bland, mix in warm materials like wood to keep the palette neutral while adding texture, durability, and personality.

Do you want to get a timeless cabinet design for your kitchen?

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