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When visiting a furniture showroom or online store, the question often arises - hmm, I've already seen such a set of furniture, but why is the price different? And which is better to choose — cheap or more expensive?


When choosing kitchen cabinets, it is best to be guided by the well-known saying: "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things." Because the concept of "expensive furniture" usually means excellent quality, well-thought-out design and functionality.⠀

So, what are the differences between more expensive and cheap kitchen cabinets?


The quality of materials in expensive samples is significantly superior to cheap cabinets and countertops. For example, we use solid wood and high-quality ecologically acceptable MDF for cabinets, and we use natural stone materials - quartz, granite, quartzite -  for kitchen countertops. Such products will last a long time and don`t wear out over time.

While the appearance of furniture made of cheap materials will quickly deteriorate.

Reliable parts and fittings

Soft opening-closing mechanisms, wheels for moving furniture, folding systems and other such important things in more expensive cabinets always serve skillfully and without any problems. Their service life is designed for a long time and constant use. Therefore, more expensive furniture is usually used for decades, unlike cheap counterparts.

Thoughtful design

Another significant difference between more expensive kitchen cabinets and cheap ones is the unique design appearance. Companies has a team of design specialists who constantly develop new sketches for sample releases, thinking through every detail.

Cheap analogues do not have the financial ability to test products, so the external similarity with more expensive analogues will have nothing in common.

Environmental friendliness

Factory furniture undergoes mandatory certification. All materials are ecologically safe and hypoallergenic, which cannot be said about cheap furniture, which is not known where and of what it was made.

Experience the difference in comfort

and the above aspects with Novukit!


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