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Jade Green Kitchen. Top Combination of colors

For some, the phrase "green kitchen" sounds too eccentric and even a little crazy. But this color can look really cool in kitchen. Green is one of the most positive colors. Our psyche perceives it as the most natural color, because it is the color of nature itself. Green has many shades - from mint to emerald. However, it is the JADE GREEN color that is considered trendy in 2024.

Jade green can be very good for decorating the kitchen. This invigorating color choice infuses life and freshness into your culinary space. The rich, lush green hue reflects a sense of tranquility, creating a harmonious environment. Jade Green cabinets radiate a modern and sophisticated charm, offering a unique and captivating focal point. The color's versatility effortlessly pairs with various design aesthetics, from contemporary to classic, making it a timeless choice.

The jade green color can be used in the design of the kitchen in several ways: 

  • Jade green furniture (kitchen cabinets)

  • Jade  green walls (completely or only one accent wall, we will include the kitchen apron tiles here)

  • Jade  green accessories (dishes, pieces of furniture and even curtains).

White and Green Kitchen

One of the most common combinations is a combination of jade green and white colors. A very bright combination that lifts the mood. Appropriate in kitchens of modern style. Looks good shaker cabinets.

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