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Kitchen Design Project: What should you consider?

The kitchen is a zone of attraction for all residents of the house, so it is worth making efforts to plan and create a space in which it will be comfortable to stay for a long time. We have formulated for you several practical tips that will be useful at different stages of repair.

Kitchen Design

Where to begin?

The first important step is developing a design project. This way you will take into account the desired location of kitchen equipment, the location of communication systems, provide for all the features of the room, and also decide on the layout, style and design features of your kitchen - and all this in detail, with design drawings and real calculations.

You can order this service from an experienced architect or designer, who will definitely ask about your needs, lifestyle, and wishes for space planning.

What NOT to do?

-  Ignore your lifestyle and renovate “like your neighbors.”

-  Choose glossy kitchen cabinets. Be prepared to wipe them frequently, as fingerprints remain on the surface even with clean hands. If you have a growing baby, the facades will need to be washed even more often. Make a choice in favor of a matte kitchen surface - hand marks are less visible on it.

-  Order regular shelves instead of pull-out ones. To find anything, you will have to take out all the objects that block your view or prevent you from getting something. Pull-out shelves are a more efficient use of space.

-  Install the stove next to the refrigerator. If you do not place a cabinet between them, the stove will heat the walls of the refrigerator during operation and prevent it from cooling fully. You should think about this in advance.

-  It is incorrect to calculate the height of the work area, which consists of the height of the floor cabinets and countertops.

-  Pay little attention to lighting in the kitchen.

-  When tiling your kitchen backsplash, opt for small-format tiles. So you will be faced with complicated cleaning and surface care.

-  Save on sink and plumbing fixtures.

What SHOULD you do?

You should discuss it with the designer and include all the details in the design project of the apartment before starting renovation work. Also relevant points would be:

-  Between fashion and practicality, always choose the latter!

-  Served using the “working triangle principle”: refrigerator – washing area – stove.

-  Think about the location of outlets at the planning stage so that you can immediately install the right number in the appropriate places. For small appliances, it is more convenient to use sockets that can be hidden in a cabinet or countertop - they look more aesthetically pleasing, and not only in the kitchen.

-  Provide lighting not only above the dining table, but also on the tabletop.

-  Plan the placement and filling of kitchen cabinets so that the door and handles do not interfere with each other when opening.


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