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Planning, decorating, and appliances are all important in a kitchen remodel, but what about kitchen seating? When you're done with cooking, you'll need a place to sit down and enjoy it. Or maybe you just need a place to read the news or have a cup of coffee in the morning. Kitchen seating is an easy way to create casual, versatile seating in your home.

 Large Kitchen Island For Seating

1. Large Kitchen Island For Seating

Beautiful kitchen island seating is still enduringly popular, and it is easy to see why. Long, linear islands and peninsulas with an overhang can be broken up with small cut-outs or seating 'nooks' so friends and family can sit right in the centre of the action (whether it's relaxing or catching up on work) while someone is busy preparing food.

2. Built-in Bench Seating

If you have an underutilized area in your kitchen or want a more custom feel for your breakfast nook, built-in bench seating is a fun option. Bench seating in a kitchen is extremely versatile–you can pull up a table for eating, you can sit down with a good book, or you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

3. Window Seating

This type of kitchen seating is great for kitchens on the smaller side, where extra seating might not seem possible. Simply extend a narrower section of countertop along the wall beneath a window to add this café-inspired seating option.

For a uniform look, you can use the same type of countertops you have in the rest of your kitchen, but feel free to switch it up.

Open Dining Area

4. Open Dining Area

With open-concept living on the rise formal dining rooms are becoming less common, but it’s all dependent on your personality and entertaining needs. An open dining area directly off your kitchen can be ideal for casual hosting. It allows the cook to stay connected with guests and promotes an overall feeling of togetherness.


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