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WHITE KITCHEN DESIGN: Practical Tips, Ideas

If you have planned radical changes in your kitchen, we advise you to pay attention to the eternal trends, among which the white kitchen won the primacy. If you also like white kitchens, read our recommendations for creating a cozy and harmonious space.

Pros and Cons of a White Kitchen

If you listen to the owners of white kitchens, you will hear many reasons to choose this particular color. Here are just a few examples:

"White color allows you to quickly change the interior - add a touch of modernity to it or recreate a true Victorian classic."

"White visually increases the space - this property is appropriate to use if the room is small and cramped."

"A white kitchen reduces the need for artificial lighting - the glossy surface of the cabinets scatters light from one small light bulb throughout the room."

"If there are design accents in the kitchen, the white color will emphasize them and make them more noticeable and attractive."

"White furniture evokes an association with cleanliness, which is very appropriate for a space where food is prepared every day."

Mistakes When Creating a White Kitchen Design

1. White color can make the kitchen space very attractive, or it can spoil it, making it too "sterile", uncomfortable. Therefore, we have collected the most common mistakes so that you can avoid such asperities:

2. Using of low-quality materials. They will very quickly lose their perfectly white color and will look neglected despite regular cleaning.

3. No hood. If you often cook without a high-quality and powerful hood, the steam will quickly create a dirty sticky film on the cabinet surfaces. The worst thing is that this dirt is actively absorbed into the surface, and therefore it will not be possible to wash it off and you will have to endure a yellowed kitchen.

4. A combination of modern or new cabinets with old household appliances. If you want to get a beautiful kitchen, you should immediately say goodbye to old stoves, ovens, and microwaves. In order for the design to look harmonious, it is worth ordering built-in appliances that will go well with the overall style. You can also hide the microwave or dishwasher behind the cabinet door - the main thing is to discuss this with the designers in advance.

5. Using of cabinets of different styles. If you are attracted to a modern white kitchen with a black countertop, don't even try to combine it with different wooden cabinets. Gilded hardware and a brutal stone tabletop will also look amazing together.

6. 100% monochromatic design. On the one hand, such a solution can look very attractive - you will not need to choose furniture, textiles and accessories for a long time. However, this way often leads to the creation of a modern, but uncomfortable room. Therefore, be sure to make color accents, even if it is just a few vases with flowers.

White Kitchen

Which Countertop to Choose for a White Kitchen?

First of all, pay attention to the general characteristics of the countertop — its resistance to impacts, damage by a knife, a hot kettle. A reliable countertop can also be found among such materials as quartz, quartzite, marble or granite.

Then think about what color of the countertop will go perfectly with the white kitchen. You can rely on the following elements:

✓ cabinets — the most successful for combination with white cabinets are options made of natural wood or stone of calm colors; if you chose the Scandinavian style, the countertop can also be white;

✓ backsplash - be sure to take into account the color of the wall above the tabletop to create a harmonious space, you can even design the tabletop and the backsplash in the same way;

✓ dining table and chairs - if your kitchen will be combined with the dining area, you can choose the countertop to match the color of the table;

✓ the floor — this will allow you to maintain one style, but it is better to choose different shades of the same color;

✓ walls - the countertop can repeat the color of the wall, which is located opposite the kitchen cabinets.

And most importantly: don't be afraid of bright colors. They can add modernity to the interior, make it more alive. It is also important that there are few bright elements.

White Kitchen Decoration

To make the kitchen cozy, pay attention not only to the choice of the doors of the cabinets, but also to the decoration of other parts of the room:

✓ ceiling — if it is low, choose white, if it is high, you can play with other colors;

✓ walls - they can become a contrast to a white kitchen, or they can support its severity;

✓ the floor — the ideal option would be a high-quality tile, the color of which is combined with the countertop or shades the walls.

Utensils will help complement the decoration of a white kitchen. Choose it not only according to quality criteria, but also according to the color, which should match the general interior. Such things  can create the mood of a room, inspire the preparation of culinary masterpieces, and even improve appetite.


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