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Choosing Colors For The Kitchen: Tips & Cool Combinations

Kitchen Design

The color of the cabinets and interior decoration sets the mood and affects the overall impression of the interior more than other factors. It can be bright and muted, tonic and soothing. When choosing a favorable color for the kitchen, special attention is paid to practicality. Not picky about care? Will it be nice to create culinary creations here or just sit with a cup of coffee?

What Influences The Choice Of Palette?

In addition to our preferences, there are factors that affect the perception of colors and how they look. It:

• Area of ​​the premises;

• Ceiling height;

• Level of illumination;

• Availability and number of windows;

• The side where the windows face;

• Style direction;

• A basic furnishing item.

What To Push Back From?

The simplest rule is to identify 1 main item and select the last one, focusing on its color. Such a reference point can be:

• Kitchen cabinets;

• Backsplash;

• Wall color for the kitchen;

• Household appliances;

• Decor.

We have decided on the accent, now let's decide what to supplement it with and in what proportions. A ratio of 60/30/10 is considered balanced:

• 60% – main, dominant color;

• 30% – additional;

• 10% - accent.

Important: The dominant color is not the one you like more than others and want to use as often as possible. This is the background on which the other 2 will be clearly visible.

Want To Do Without Accents?

Take the 50/50 ratio as a basis. This does not mean that only 2 specific shades are allowed in the interior. You need to choose 2-3 color schemes. In particular, the light palette is creamy, caramel, and coffee with milk.

How To Find a Good Combination Of Colors For The Kitchen?

There are several schemes for this:

• Monochrome: 1 + its shades;

• Analogue: 1 + 2 are related (close in spectrum);

• Contrast: 1 + 1 contrast.

Please note: Contrast combinations quickly get boring. They are not recommended for use in living rooms: living rooms, bedrooms, etc. But it is quite suitable for the kitchen. 

color wheel

What Is a Color Wheel?

This tool will help you choose kitchen colors. Options located opposite each other or at the same distance (so that a triangle or square is formed) are combined. These combinations are called color schemes and do not depend on the angle of rotation.

The best color for the kitchen is an individual concept. It all depends on its lighting and dimensions, the chosen style, the basic furnishing item and, of course, your preferences. Since it is impossible to limit yourself to one shade, follow the correct proportions (50/50 or 60/30/10), use the color wheel to find harmonious combinations. Let the design reflect your character!


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