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Kitchen Storage Trends 2024

- What are the kitchen storage trends in 2024?

If you want to finally get your kitchen clutter under control this year, put checking out the latest kitchen storage trends at the top of your to-do list. Well-organized kitchen storage ideas that ensure everything has a place and is exactly where it should be can make cooking and other kitchen tasks faster, easier and much more enjoyable.

1. Built-in Home Bars 

Demand for built-in home bars is growing. Stocked and ready for cocktail hour, the kitchen's home bar can be simply set aside on glassware and liquor racks or professionally outfitted with a built-in sink, wine cooler, and ice buckets. 


 Built-in Home Bars 

2. Kitchen Ladders 

A kitchen (or library) ladder is ideal for maximizing vertical storage potential in kitchens with high ceilings. This means upper cupboards are available in no time, so they are no longer dusty plates and Christmas tables. 

This sophisticated kitchen storage trend also has decorative benefits in terms of both the material and finish of the actual ladder (which can be in a matching or contrasting color with the cabinet) and the rails it mounts to. 


3. Countertop Cabinets \ Cupboards

Literally, desktop cabinets are located directly on the work surface in a modern version of a kitchen chest of drawers. You've probably noticed them popping up on Pinterest and Instagram recently. If you haven't done it, you will soon, countertop cabinets are definitely on trend. When it comes to storage, countertop cabinets are lower than wall cabinets, making them more accessible for everyone in the family. They can be used for almost anything, but most people choose to dedicate them to a specific role, such as breakfast, including a kettle and toaster to make preparing the first meal of the day a one-stop shop 

Countertop Cabinets \



Conventional base units are rapidly falling in popularity in favor of deep drawers. The move to deep, fully extendable drawers means all the contents are easier to see, easier to reach, and you don't have to bend down to get things lost in the back.  


If you use drawers, bigger is better. Extra-wide 120cm drawers provide 15% more storage space than two standard 60cm wide drawers. Choose drawers with soft-close guides to eliminate the creak and rattle of opening and closing, and use dividers.


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