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KITCHEN TRENDS 2024 in Chicago!

Statement Sinks  

Many sink manufacturers now offer sinks in unique shapes, sizes, and configurations that can instantly improve the look of your kitchen. For example, a rustic sink with an apron and a deep sink can add a rustic and charming touch to your kitchen. 

Don't be afraid to explore different sink designs that match your personal style and complement your kitchen interior. 



Mixed Metals 

Mixed Metals 


Tip: Make sure the design styles match your hardware. If you are using a more traditional faucet, the cabinetry should also be either traditional or transitional, not modern or contemporary. This creates balance and harmony throughout the space. 



Darker Colors 

Darker colors may seem like an intimidating choice for your kitchen cabinets, but these shades are actually incredibly attractive.  The key to success with darker cabinets is to create visual balance in the scheme, this can be choosing white walls to reflect more light into the room or adding jewel tones to the backsplash for a colorful accent. 

Solid Quartzite Backsplash

Solid Quartzite Backsplash 

Among all the backsplash options, the recent trend of solid kitchen backsplash stands out for its clean and modern look. If you're looking for something other than a tile backsplash and don't want to worry about grout lines, a solid kitchen backsplash is a great alternative. 


Warm Wood Cabinets  Chicago

Warm Wood Cabinets 

One cannot deny the constant appeal of kitchen cabinets made of light wood. Choosing light wood adds a warmth that transcends trends and embraces natural materials in a beautiful and practical way. Regardless of your kitchen style or color palette, light wood cabinets are likely to blend in perfectly with your existing fixtures.


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