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POT FILLER | Chicago Kitchen Trend

Any housewife will agree that the ability to add water to a pot without removing it from the stove greatly simplifies the cooking process. We have found a practical solution and are happy to share it with you.

Pot Filler is an over-the-stove faucet that is attached to a countertop or a wall. Thanks to the hinged joints, it can be rotated 180 degrees, pulled out and moved in the desired direction. The flexible mechanism of the Pot Filler makes it easy to fill even tall, large containers. And the durable stainless steel construction ensures long-term operation.

It would seem that a faucet for filling water over the stove is needed so as not to "wind" kilometers to the sink. That is, only for kitchens in country houses and very spacious apartments. But such models quite often appear in the frame together with a regular sink - just a meter from the stove.

Proof: type Pot Filler into the search bar  - you'll get another 20 thousand photos with examples. 

It turns out that the faucet is installed above the stove not only because you don't want to carry pots far. Why else? 

+ Clean bottom 

When filling a pot in the sink, you involuntarily dirty the bottom of the pan - the marks gradually turn into carbon deposits, which the dishwasher "doesn't take". If you fill the container directly on the stove, there will be no carbon deposits on the bottom. 

+ Groundwater 

A faucet for filling water above the stove is convenient if we are talking about connecting filtered water. For example, from your own well. 

+ Heating cost

When boiling water (on a gas burner) is cheaper than pouring hot water from the tap (electric water heater)/ You have to boil the kettle dozens of times a day - it is convenient to fill it with water right on the stove.

Popular objections

1. The tap will get dirty from grease. In fact, no more than the tiles next to it, but it is much easier to wash the polished metal.

2. There is no sewerage system, where will the water drain if the tap floods the stove? You will have to  wipe it with a rag by hand.

Indeed, there is a high risk of putting a saucepan or kettle to fill and being distracted by your own affairs. If you have noticed a habit of "forgetting" a filling saucepan in the sink, think twice about hanging the tap over the stove.

pot filler chicago

We have revealed both sides of the recent kitchen innovation, which is becoming increasingly popular in homes in the Chicago suburbs. Now the choice is yours! We wish you a pleasant and easy update of your kitchen!


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